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Rafik: Don't worry about it. Alicia's gonna be thrilled. Who wouldn't want to have a celebrity cat?

(The scene moves to Alicia growling.)


Boyster: Alicia!

Rafik: It's all good Alicia! Vanilla is your ticket to the big time.

Alicia: I don't care about the big time, Rafik! I just want my kitty! Thanks to you, I can't get anywhere near her!

(Scene shows Vanilla.)

Alicia: Hey! (unfortunetly, a security gaurd slaps her) Ah!

Security Gaurd: Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to step away from the cat.

(Kenneth Applebottom takes Vanilla to his limo.)

Alicia: (gasps) Hey! Open up!

Rafik: It's Kenneth Applebottom! I love your movies, man! And your yogurt commercials.

Alicia: (pushes Rafik) What do you think you're doing?! That's my cat!

Kenneth Applebottom: Not anymore. I just bought her. She's gonna star in my next feature. Counting Abbey: Still Counting After All These Years. See you at the movies!

(The limo drives away.)

Alicia: Daddy! How could you?!

Alicia's Father: But honey, I did it for you. So we can take that Caribbean cruise you're always talking about.

Alicia: What Caribbean cruise?!

(The scene moves to Alicia's mother, who giggles excitedly)

Alicia's Father: Oh, maybe that wasn't you.

(Alicia runs away crying. The scene cuts to the Lokowski house.)

Boyster: Poor Alicia.

Rafik: Poor Vanilla. That director's a hack.

Boyster: You just told him how much you loved him.

Rafik: Yeah, that's what you do. Don't you know anything about showbiz?