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Boyster: Oh, good she's still opening gifts, I hope she likes mine!

Rafik: Better make sure it's about the crash?

Boyster: (gasps) It's okay.

Ozzy: Out of my way, boy!

Ozzy: (Ozzy Laughs) Talk about ugly!!

Alicia: Oh, Boyster, this is amazing! But I can't accept it.

Mrs. Sparkes: Oh yes you can. What'd you never refused such an expensive-- I mean, thoughtful gift?

Mr. Sparkles: We have a new king!

(Boyster takes the crown off of Ozzy. Everyone celebrate for Boyster being the new king.)

Rafik: You're still the king!

Tom: Hey, Burnie, some bart stole a top of yogurt from the pantry.

Burnie: Well the jokes gone him, it's totally rancid.

(Rafik spits out some punch.)

Alicia: Daddy... (The necklace begins to mutate.) Wh-what's happening? (Her skin starts turning blue.)

(Everyone begin to gasp. Alicia's face then grows pimples, making everyone even more scared.)

Boy: Run for your lives!

(Everyone starts running and Ozzy begins to gag and runs along with them. The necklace begins to melt into stink.)

Alicia: Daddy, what's happening to me?!

Mr. Sparkles: (Takes the melting necklace off Alicia, which turns into liqud) Ew! It stinks like rotten fish!

Ozzy: I told you, it came from a dumpster! It's all Boyster's fault!

(Everyone glare at Boyster and Alicia's parents kick Boyster out of the house.)

Mr. Sparkles: Go back to the dumpster you called off and never set in for this house again!

Shelby: Boyster, what happened?

Boyster: I messed up. I turned Alicia into a human blueberry.

Rafik: Relax, I'm sure it's curable.

Doctor: Inbeautiful.

Mr. Sparkles: NEXT!!

Doctor Momo: I am Doctor Momo, witchdoctor to the stars. Healer of Lost Causes. I can save your daughter.