Background information
First seen "Supermollusk"
Last seen "Boyster vs. The End"
Voice Matthew Forbes
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Shelby Likowski
Other names
Appearance Mutant oyster
Birthday Unknown
Age 12
Gender Male
Species Mutated oyster
Relatives Boyster (twin brother), Mr. Likowski (father), Mrs. Likowski (mother), Aunt Shelly (aunt)
Allies Rafik, Tina (former love interest)
Enemies Ozzy
Dislikes Gilly (formerly and currently (end of Free Gilly))
Powers and abilities
Color Scheme
' Hat: Olive green with a black band and a golden shaped O on it
Sneakers: White with blue edges and pale vivid yellow tip of shoelace
Eyes: Black with luminous olive red iris and white sclera
Hair: None, only has tangelo hair, gold tangelo or brillant tangelo in pilot

Shelby Likowski is Boyster's awkward twin brother and talking shell who can fly and is more intelligent than his brother.

Official BioEdit

Shelby is Boyster’s shell – a complete and self-sufficient being who’s Boyster’s weird, intelligent and slightly awkward twin brother who can fly. Shelby loves to watch TV, and has learnt everything he knows from watching it.

Appearance Edit

Shelby is a talking oyster. He speaks with a New York accent.

Personality Edit

Despite his stupidity, Shelby is intellegent.


Due to a toxic spill, Shelby was mutated into a talking and flying shell which contains Boyster inside of him. He and Boyster are adopted and raised by human parents.

Relationships Edit

Boyster Edit

Boyster is Shelby's twin brother.

Rafik Edit

Rafik is Shelby and Boyster's best friend.


Shelby love to watch the TV shows,especially the show "Power and Passion" , and he say:"TV has all of the answer's" proving that maybe he realize on TV. He have a very high numeral of IQ so he is really smart,but he know most about Science.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Shelby was based on Dukey from the Johnny Test franchise and Craig from the Sanjay and Craig franchise as the three animals know how to speak in human language and three of them seem to be masters of disguises fooling nearly everyone around them into thinking that they are human, and the three have a human boy as a best friend/brother.
Gender Male
Friends Boyster (brother), Rafik, Clam Painting, Arthur
Enemy Ozzy
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