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One Day in Space at a Time
Season 4, Episode 1
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"Last Day of School"
"Welcome to Space"

"One Day in Space at a Time" is the first episode in Season 4 of Boyster.


The gang have to survive in space, while attempting to contact Earth.


After the events of "Last Day of School", on the news, houses across the world have blasted off into the sky, and that's all anyone is talking about around the world, with ending the broadcast saying she hopes that they can hold it together up in space. Meanwhile, in the Dome, everyone starts yelling and everybody is indistinctly panicking. Mr. Pluss then demands (to no one in particular), "Why am I still wearing this thing?!" and smashes the fax machine on the ground. Ozzy notes there is no wi-fi, Shelby then says to himself that he must be careful what he writes in his dream journal, that he might just get it. Alicia then yells that they would starve and die in space, to which Rafik reacts saying that they have to press the button again. Boyster tries to stop Rafik, telling him everybody has to calm down, though Rafik cuts him off by pressing the button several times, yelling the words "GO BACK!" over and over in a panic. Then he says that it is the last day of school, and he was too young to die in space. Everyone else is shouting a mix of "I don't understand" and "Why is this happening?!" Boyster then tells everyone to calm down, telling them that they‘ve been trapped in the Dome before. He also says that when they worked together they figured out how to escape, and that they cannot fall apart now. He then says that they need to figure out how to get back to Earth, but they have to survive first: they have to it one day at a time. agree that Boyster is right, and they will settle it with a morning meeting like they always do.

At the morning meeting, Benson notes that the important thing is to call Mr. Maellard to get them off the Park Dome and back to Earth. In the meantime, he will be setting up survival tests. They are as follows:

  • Boyster and Rafik - explore the tunnels under the neighborhood.