Boyster Wiki

Shelby: (sobbing) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! All my precious romance, CRYING FOREVER!!!!! Look at what you've done!

Shelby: Okay, the screen looks nice and clear. But how do I change the channel?

Boyster: TVs cost a fortune. This is the best I can do right now.

Shelby: A fish doesn't even have things on.

Boyster: Come on, Shelby, I'm sure you'll get to know him.

Shelby: Oh, I know everything about goldfish, Boyster. Weather or not IS A TV SET!!!

Shelby: Enjoy yourself, TV MURDER!!!

Boyster: (western accent) County fish inspecter! He's not even real gold!

Shelby: Wait! I can... Hold on just one breif moment, sir. If you really are the county fish inspecter, where's your fin callebrator?

Boyster: Er... it's... uhm... (takes off the glasses) (normal accent) How do you know these things?!

Shelby: Boyster, what is the meaning of this?!

Boyster and Rafik: NOOOOOOOO!!!

Rafik: Do something!

Boyster and Rafik: NOOOOOOOO!!!

Shelby: YOU MONSTER!!!

Boyster: Shelby, no! You don't understand!

Shelby: Oh, I understand perfectly well! You had it for Goldfishy from day one!

Boyster: He's been around for a day! Today is day one!

Shelby: Point scanned!

Boyster: I was trying to get to know him!

Shelby: By flushing him down the toilet?!

Rafik: No! You see, the reason he did that is because he broke his bowl and almost threw him out of the window!

Shelby: You're worse than I thought!

Boyster: We don't have time to argue.