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This article is about the holiday. You may be looking for the episode.

Christmasween is a fictional holiday celebrated. It was created by Boyster in the episode of the same name.


Christmasween was conceived by Boyster to help combat the merriless lulls of January. It is celebrated on January 10th (or possibly January 11th, if the episode takes place during a leap year) and gives kids a day off of school.

Its name is meaningless, being chosen by Shelby following a brainstorming session. Other potential candidates included "Fun Day," "Dependence Day," "Wig Tide," "Danke Party," "Schnitzel Time," and "Googoo Bash."


As with the holiday, the traditions of Christmasween bear no significance, being made up largely on the fly by Boyster to add legitimacy while also being convenient in his execution of it.

The holiday is meant to celebrate the spirit of Christmasween Dude, whose appearance consists of a beard, sneakers, and a leather coat. Mirroring Santa Claus, he delivers presents in a magic van led by Dobermans (named Trasher, Smasher, Rancid, Cutie Swayer, and Rabies). He gets into houses to deliver presents through the toilet; because of this, the residents of the town decorate their houses accordingly with skeletons, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees, and milk and cookies are dumped down the toilet for him. Another key aspect of Christmasween is that, because Boyster had to find a way to make the holiday work, the presents delivered are the discarded gifts nobody wanted from Christmas. 

Traditional Christmasween music consists of grindcore. Carollers also sing grindcore versions of Christmas and Halloween tunes.

Junk food is traditionally eaten on Christmasween. A specialty is the Christmasweenwurst (invented by Shelby), made up of cheese, bacon, processed meats, and other junk food jammed into a sausage. Christmasweenwursts are so fatty that they cause people to sweat butter.

A Christmasween stop-motion animated special plays on the holiday entitled "The Night Before Christmasween." However, due to Christmasween's instantaneous creation, only a few seconds were made in time for its initial broadcast.