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Season 2, Episode 35 and 36
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"The Reveal"

"Christmasween" is 35th and 36th and final episodes in Saeson 2 of Boyster.


Noticing that everyone is in the doldrums of January, Boyster, Rafik and Shelby invent a new holiday to spark excitement.


It is January, and the people of Elmore are depressed since Christmas and Halloween has passed. At the Likowski home, Boyster, Rafik and Shelby decide to make up a new holiday to cheer people up. After much brainstorming, Boyster comes up with the idea of Christmasween.

In the school bus, Boyster and Rafik tell Alicia all about Christmasween and Christmasween Dude, the supposed mascot. At the mention of no school during the (made-up) holiday, the others in the bus (including even Rocky) gather around Boyster and Rafik to hear about the new holiday. Arthur then realizes that Rocky isn't driving the bus, and so they crash into Mr. Pluss' classroom. Hearing about the new holiday, Mr. Pluss doesn't believe that it's real. But even the other school staff (specifically Mr. Small and Miss Radish) argue that it is real, and Miss Radish declares no school, and for everyone to take the day off. Everyone leaves the school with joy, except Mr. Pluss who becomes determined to prove that Christmasween is a lie.

Later, Boyster, Rafik and Shelby go shopping for Christmasween. After Boyster tells them that they eat junk food during the holiday, Shelby invents the Christmasweenwurst which contains an excess of meat in and on it. He pays for five of them and two bottles of milk which results in his card being completely sucked off its value. Then he, Boyster and Rafik go home, with Mr. Pluss spying on them.

At night, many citizens decorate their toilets for Christmasween Dude (who, Boyster says, will come out of their toilets to leave them presents). The Likowksi eat a dinner of Christmasweenwursts, watch the Christmasween special, and bond together. Then Mr. and Mrs. Likowski put their children to sleep.

But as they are just about to sleep, Shelby reminds Boyster and Rafik that Christmasween isn't real, and that Christmasween Dude won't be coming. Boyster panics that the whole town will be upset with him if all he promises to them won't come true. With the help of Rafik and Shelby, he takes all the leftover Christmas presents from the trash, and sneaks around the town, leaving the presents through the toilet. After Tony uses a toilet Boyster was in, Boyster, Rafik and Shelby start sneaking through alternative ways. Just as they leave a present in their own house, they are caught by Miss Simian who takes a picture of them putting a present in their bathroom. Shelby is shown the photo by Mr. Pluss, and is about to scream, but the narrator decided it is best to not show the audience of Shelby screaming, and told them to imagine the scream of a million chihuahuas. The other citizens and his parents come in the bathroom. Boyster then apologizes to them and confesses that Christmasween isn't real.

Instead of being upset, the citizens sigh in relief. Alicia says that she kind of knew that Christmasween was fake, and the others agree with this. They say that they needed something to cheer them up through January. Then Rafik gives Mr. Pluss a present and everyone laughs. The episode ends with the narrator saying the moral of this story is "that when life is tough and joy hard to come by, most people are happier believing a lie."


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  • Shelby states that it is 349 days until the next Christmas, placing Christmasween on January 10 if this episode is not set in a leap year, and January 11 if it is.
  • The live-action hand that smashes the Boyster clay model belongs to Tobias von Burkersroda, a former 3-D animation supervisor.
  • Richard calls Larry a vampire because of the price. Technically the term "vampire" in his sentence means a highway robbery.
  • "Christmasween" is a portmanteau of "Christmas" and "Halloween".

Cultural References

  • The occasional narration in this episode follows the rhyme and meter of the famous and frequently parodied poem known as "The Night Before Christmas."
  • The really depressed version of Shelby resembles how early black-and-white cartoons looked like.
  • The episode and Mr. Pluss's evil grin is a reference to the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (both the book and the Chuck Jones cartoon).
  • The teacher comes out of the drawer in a style of Count Dracula coming out of his coffin.
  • When Shelby summons the Christmasweenwurst, this is a reference to the transformation scene of the 90's anime Sailor Moon.
  • "The Night Before Christmasween" is likely a reference to Rankin/Bass stop-motion Christmas and Halloween specials, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • The scene that showed Boyster as a clay figurine and being crushed by a live-action human hand could be a reference to Mr. Bill.