(Bosyetr walks dejectedly. He sees Alicia sitting on the Likowski's doorstep reading a book.)

Bosyter: Alicia! I thought your dad didn't want you to come over.

Alicia: Exactly. That's why I asked my mom.

Boyster: Cool. Do you still want to study? Because I know that medieval stuff by heart!

Ozzy​​​: Have at you, you cantankerous oaf!

Boyster: Ozzy?

Ozzy​​​: I demand satisfaction.

Boyster: For what?

Ozzy​​​: For stealing the hand of my promised!

Boyster: (Hissing) What the heck do you want, dude?!

Ozzy​​​: I demand... a duel.

(Ozzy then begins slapping Boyster with a glove.)

Boyster: I don't want to duel. Leave us alone. I'm not doing this.

(Ozzy continually slaps Boyster with one glove.)

(Scene changes to front of house, the boys are preparing to joust.)

Boyster: If I do this, you're gonna leave us alone, right?

Ozzy​​​: Only if you win. If you lose, Lady Alicia is mine.

Alicia: (Calling out offscreen) No, I'm not.

Boyster: Yeah, did you consider Alicia's feeling in any of this?

Ozzy​​​: In time, she will learn to love me.

Alicia: (Calling out offscreen) No, I won't.

Ozzy: Let the joust commence.

(Boyster and Ozzy runs towards each other. Boyster's skateboard hits a rock.)

Boyster: Ahhh, woah! (Crashes right into Ozzy.)

(Ozzy gets up, albeit hurt)

Ozzy: To A worthy foe, but how are you at hand-to-hand combat? (Grabs the broken handle nearby) En garde!

(Boyster gets up and turns around, he has a black eye.)

Boyster: You're a complete nutcase, man! I don't want to fight you anymore.

Ozzy: Then victory is mine and I shall take the hand of my lady.

(Ozzy grabs the hand of Alicia.)

Bosyter: Never! (Hits Ozzy' hand off Alicia's with his broken broom handle) Oh sorry. Oh, are you ok?

(Tobias gets angry and attacks him again.)

Alicia: Hey!

Template:D​​​: Template:D Dance for me, jester, dance! Faster, jester, faster!
Template:D: Thanks, Penny! Template:D
Template:D: Template:D Tobias, stop it!
Template:D​​​: I'll stop in exchange for a kiss.
Template:D: Oh! Sorry.
Template:D: It's okay.
Template:D: Wait. Template:D Ok, go. Template:D That's better. Penny!
Template:D: What?
Template:D: Can you throw me my sword?
Template:D: You mean your broom?
Template:D: Yes.
Template:D: Gumball, can we just do the assignment now, please?
Template:D: Template:D Yeah, just give me a second, I think he's getting tired.
Template:D: She better not be around here. I hate this lousy neighborhood.
Template:D: Penny, get back, you're gonna get hurt.
Template:D: I wouldn't have to help if you weren't losing.
Template:D: I'm not losing. I'm just catching my breath.
Template:D​​​: Step aside, woman! Template:D
Template:D: Template:D That little punk again.
Template:D: Penny!
Template:D: No!
Template:D: NOOOOO!!
Template:D​​​: Ok, you win. Bye! Template:D
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