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Boyster: (high-pitched voice) What's going on?!

Rafik: I'm gonna find out. (dials phone number)

Shelby: Good evening. Likowski Residence.

Rafik: Shelby! Boyster's head is the size of a pea! What is happening?!

Shelby: Ugh. I was afraid of this. The cream only works on every single pox. Thanks to the small amount, the cream no longer has any more pox to dry up, and instead dries up the blood in Boyster's head itself!

Rafik: Well, that's not good! How do we stop it?!

Shelby: I'm afraid the cure is still in work in progress.

Rafik: Thanks, Shelby, you're a big help.

Shelby: Well, the thing you need to understand about science is— (Rafik hangs up) Hello?

(Cut back to Rafik. Boyster's head keeps shrinking.)

Rafik: Ah, don't worry. I'm sure loads of people will get hits.

Boyster: (high-pitched voice) We gotta stop the cream from working! I know, we need more spots!

Rafik: Huh?

Boyster: (high-pitched voice) If I get more spots, the extra cream will work on those, and my head will stop shrinking!

Rafik: Yeah!

Boyster: (high-pitched voice) Yay!