Background information
First seen "Supermollusk"
Last seen "Boyster vs. The End"
Voice Caroline Mozzonne
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Alicia Sparkles
Other names
Birthday Unknown
Age 11 (before “The Necklace”)
12 (after “The Necklace”)
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Unknown
Home Sparkles House
Relatives Alicia's Parents (mother and father)
Pets Vanilla
Allies Boyster (boyfriend), Rafik
Powers and abilities
Color Scheme
skin cloth hair

Alicia Sparkles is the girlfriend of Boyster. Daughter of mega rich parents, she tries to be as normal as possible, she’s passionate about art and loves nothing more than painting pictures of her beloved cat, Vanilla. She is a supporting character for the first three seasons of Boyster and becomes a main character in Season 4, after she accidentally gets sent to space with the rest of the neighborhood.

Appearance Edit

Alicia is a 12-year-old girl. She has tan skin, a dark brown ponytail with a red bow and brown eyes. She also wears a red shirt with a heart, a red and black skirt, and red and white shoes and gray leggings.

In "The Necklace" at her birthday party, she wears a pink gown with ribbons and bunnies.

Personality Edit

Alicia is very nice and friendly. She sticks up for her friends often, implying she has a strong sense of integrity. Such can be seen in "The Stache," in which she was one of the few people to not succumb to peer pressure and stand up for Boyster as opposed to ridiculing him. She also seems to be a pretty selfless and forgiving person, as evidenced in "Love Bros" where she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with Boyster in order to make sure anyone was Rafik and could cope with his own troubles. She also showed no anger when Rafik made several attempts to sabotage her relationship with Boyster, but rather sympathized with him.

Alicia, although not nearly to the same extent as Boyster, can resort to snarking. Her typical sarcasm is directed towards Ozzy and his poor attempts to woo her. Such can be seen in episodes such as "The Necklace" in which she cleverly turns down his advancements to get closer. She also seems to constantly belittle the conflict between Boyster and Ozzy in "Boyster vs Ozzy," having nothing but apathy and snark to share.

Relationships Edit

Boyster Edit

Alicia is Boyster's girlfriend.

Rafik Edit

Alicia's Parents Edit

Alicia loves her parents.

Vanilla Edit

Alicia loves her cat Vanilla so much. She cares for her.

Ozzy Edit

Alicia seems to dislike Ozzy.

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